Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 8 - Inman, SC - 9/3/13

My dear family! I'm so sorry that I did not email you yesterday... The library was closed yesterday as it was Labor Day so here I am on Tuesday emailing y'all and by the way, I'm Feeling Good About Myself!
This week has been the best week of my mission! I can't believe how many miracles I've seen this past week! There were seriously times that I wanted to cry because the Lord has been blessing us so much. Mostly because of our awesome investigators that we have!
First let's start off with D. D was a lead in our area book who used to meet with the missionaries. So we stopped by to see if we could talk to him a little bit about why he stopped. He answered the door and we were able to talk to him. He said that he heard from his neighbors that those missionaries who were teaching him told them that the Book of Mormon is on the earth because "God made a mistake with the Bible." We explained that wasn't the case and everything just started to click with him! After the lesson, he said to Sister Craig and I "I'm pretty sure that y'all are angels that were sent to me!" Awesome? I think yes.
Then we have J, K and their family who are just golden and they happen to live right next door to some members as well (which is totally rare here in Boiling Springs)! We taught them the Plan of Salvation last week and everything made sense to them. They love the idea that we aren't going straight to heaven or hell after this life. Everything sounded like what they already believe. It's like Austin told me before I left for the mission "You aren't teaching them anything new... You're just reminding them of what they already know." That's totally how this family is. They are wonderful and we're hoping that we can get J, K, and their oldest son, A baptized this month!

So we invited those investigators to the Labor Day barbecue that the ward was putting on yesterday because it's a very non-threatening way to get involved with the church... And guess what? THEY BOTH CAME! I was so excited! This is the first time that any of my investigators have kept serious commitments like that so I did a little victory dance after the barbecue. Also J and K especially loved getting to know the members! They also asked us to come back and give a lesson on what the roles of men and women are in the church. So I'm pretty sure things went well!

Finally, Sister Craig and I just saw our other solid investigator, T right before coming to the library. We taught her the Word of Wisdom today and she is willing to give up smoking, sweet tea and coffee! With smoking and sweet tea, she's been wanting to give up for a while because of health reasons but with coffee she's ok with giving it up! If that's not a miracle, I don't know what is. We're going to see her again on Friday to do a stop smoking program that the church has missionaries do. Basically this program, if done willingly by the smoker, can make the person a non-smoker in 7 days! So I'm way excited to see how this goes!
I'm so grateful that all these wonderful blessings have happened, especially at the end of my first transfer! Now I'm starting my next transfer on such a great note! I just love being a missionary right now :) I hope all is going well and I look forward from hearing from y'all!

- Sister Amy Christensen

This is the fog that I've been waking up to for the past two days... It's super random and it usually clears up by 9 am but it's still weird.

Me by Goforth St. I just liked it because I'm going forth in faith for the next 16 months...
New lyrics by Janice Kapp Perry for the tune, "As Sisters in Zion".  They're awesome!

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