Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week 9 - Inman, SC - 9/9/13

What a week it's been! I just finished my first official week into my second transfer and it went by so much faster than last transfer! I can't even believe it!

We had some pretty cool stuff go down this week though! We visited our investigator, T, twice this past week and she is just amazing. We taught her the Word of Wisdom and she loved it! She tries to relate all that she's reading in the Book of Mormon to it. Like we went back after we taught that lesson and she was saying that 1 Nephi is all about "keeping the commandments and the words of wisdoms." She seriously loves it. It's so great to see that fire in her. Then we went back again to do this program by the church for her to quit smoking within 7 days and she's so ready for it! In the program, we ask the person to keep a lot of commitments. I was afraid that T would be like "I'll try to do that." But every time we asked her to do something, she said "Yes I will!" I was so impressed! We're going to go back and see her this week and hopefully she's doing well!

Then Saturday was like the best day! We had a little "girl's day" that one of our less active members invited us to because she likes us. So basically she just cooked us a bunch of food and it was awesome! Then right after that, we went to an missionary open house for our Bishop's son, Chris. We were there for a while because most of their family and friends are not members of the church. I thought it was fun to go meet all these people and tell them what exactly Chris would be doing on his mission.

Later on Saturday, we went to dinner at one of our investigators' home, the C’s. They are the coolest. I was super excited to go to dinner because I feel like things are really progressing when the investigator invites you to dinner, you know? So we went and everything was super great! Sister Craig and I were going to invite them to church and also invite them to be baptized. Well we got to inviting them to church (which we were sure they were going to say yes to) and they were like "Well... We don't know..." I was so sad! But I ended up giving them a promise that if they read a chapter and prayed sincerely about coming to church, that God would answer their prayers about how coming to church was the right thing to do. I was scared that the promise would fall through... And I've never prayed so hard for anything in my life! They both took me up on my challenge and K, the mom, ended up coming to church the next day while her husband, J watched the kids and she liked it! It was seriously such a relief.
That's all that's happened this week really... I can't complain about it at all! We've had a lot of really good stuff happen this week! I hope y'all have had a good week! I'll talk to you next Monday!

- Sister Amy Christensen
Me with J and K. Also that was the first time I've straightened my hair in 2 months! Notice how long it is!

Elders Horne and Tonga (Yes... Elder Tonga's from Tonga), Chris Fore (The future missionary), Sister Craig and I.

The bishop's wife wanted a picture of us with Chris before he left. I decided to make it as awkward as possible and Sister Craig was just copying me...

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