Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 73 - Latta, SC - 12/1/14

Hey Everyone!

Happy December! I can’t believe that we're at the close of 2014 already. Time has flown... I'm going to try typing this email first so that I have the time and I'm not attempting to type my whole week in 10 minutes with one hand like I did last week. It's hard being a gimp...

First off, surgery went well! Thank you for the prayers! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! I haven't been in much pain since the surgery! Here's to a speedy recovery!

John and Faye are doing real good! I just love them so much! They brought us Thanksgiving to our house on Wednesday night since I can't drive (for obvious reasons) and we ate together! They have just been the best! John told me yesterday that he'll be sad to see me go. Hopefully that's not a sign that I'll be transferred for my last transfer... We'll find out this weekend with transfer calls!

Thanksgiving was great! We had a good few members take us under their wings. We went to lunch with Sister Cayce at her mama's house and then we went to Sister Phyliss' house to talk with her and Brother and Sister Byrd. We didn't have anywhere to go that evening but that's ok because the surgery and Thanksgiving kind of exhausted me!

All in all, the branch has been excellent. So many people in our branch, stake and even nonmembers just think the world of us for not giving up. I can't tell you how many people have come up to us to tell us how proud they are for us to stick it out! I think it's building the testimonies of the branch to let them know that this isn't just something that we do because we're told to or feel obligated. This is something that we do because we know it's true and because we want to bring others to the same happiness that we receive as we fully live the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The church is so true! I wouldn't be out here as a crippled sister if it wasn't. I know that this obstacle is something that I was meant to overcome and that as I do so, it will be a stepping stone in my life! I love y'all! Have a blessed week :)

- Sister Amy Christensen, the Crippled

Now how about that for a one handed email ;)

Pre-surgery photo

Sister Clinger and me with John and Faye

Thanks for the Surgery Survival Kit, Mom and Dad!

Sister Clinger had the idea to make a gratitude wall in our house. These are the things I'm grateful for!

Us with Annah Cabaniss. She broke her leg around conference time and just got rid of the walker she was using to get around. She's one of our #CrippSisterzz

Only in the South... I need this for my house! So great :)

Us with Sister Cayce and her kids Kaleigh and Jamison on Thanksgiving
Opening up the Holiday season with some Christmas glasses and bathroom selfies. Classy.

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