Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 36 - West Columbia, SC - 3/17/14

(Note from Mom - Today is Sister Christensen's birthday!!) 
So I'm kind of 21 right now. This is really weird... But cool I guess! So far it's been a really cool day! The Traveling Sisters and Sister Manning totally decked out the apartment and made pancakes for my birthday! And Sister Manning gave me a present, too - it's like a little garment bag that I can separate my garments from the rest of my clothes. It's pretty sweet! I've been totally blessed with the best companion! We're actually going to Cold Stone and Piggly Wiggly for my birthday today. I'm pretty pumped!

This week has been pretty great! It started out with exchanges last Tuesday with Sister Anderson from California. Turns out she knew some people I went to school with so that was pretty crazy! We had a lot of really cool things happen like just catching less-actives at home who typically aren't at home and having lessons at door steps. I love exchanges because of the miracles they bring!

Then we had Elder Zwick come and talk to the mission! He was so awesome! I got a lot of really cool stuff from the trainings he gave. Some of the things that I learned from that conference is to not look back. There are some things that we're missing out on by being on missions that we might look back on or past mistakes that we have made but we need to stay focused on the now! I also liked that he related being pure in heart leads to having a sure foundation. Pure = Sure. Also when I went up to shake his hand, we had a conversation. Oh man. He was telling me how he knew the parents of the sister in front of me and how he'd like to get to know my parents! Hahah. That's a good compliment to my parents! But then he asked where I was from and he guessed I went to Alta. So that was pretty cool... He's a cool man. He'll be speaking in the Saturday Session of General Conference so look for him!

After Elder Zwick, we had the Relief Society Birthday party! It was the "Emma Awards" and it was kind of like a great big get to know you type thing. But it was so much fun! We were all nominated for an "Emma" and received one! It was bomb! There should be pictures on Facebook soon!

On Saturday, we did something that I haven't done for a long time - tracted. I mean, sure we knock on doors around houses of leads, less-actives, investigators, etc. but we walked and knocked for an hour and a half! Thank goodness that it was great weather! And guess what? I have a sweet tan line on my foot now from it! Hooray for awkward missionary tan lines! That will be the first of many this upcoming summer, I'm sure of it!

Well that's all I have for you this week! Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I'm going to have the best birthday I can possibly have because I only get this one on the mission! Love y'all! Have a blessed week!

- Sister Amy Christensen
Me and Sister Anderson

I found Sister Gardner at the Elder Zwick conference! That was a happy reunion like in Alma 17:2! (Props to the photo bomber!)

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