Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Week 35 - West Columbia, SC - 3/10/14

My dear family and friends!

How's it going? Life in West Cola is pretty good! It's been even better since it stopped raining! It was seriously raining from like Monday through Friday night. It was gloomy and cold, like in the 40s! I did not like it one bit! Now it's beautiful weather and in the 70s. That's what I'm talking about! And I thought Utah weather was bipolar. Psh. Nope. Not compared to here.

Last week I told y'all about S and his electronic cigarette... We went over on Tuesday just to check up on him and how he's doing with the program. We have been prayerfully discussing how we could let him know about how the e-cig was not going to benefit him in the long run without running him off. We needed to be bold but not overbearing. Well we knocked on his door and could only stay a minute because his wife wasn't home and we couldn't get any members to come with us. He opened the door and told us that he hadn't smoked in a week and he hadn't picked up his e-cig for the two days prior! He realized "on his own" that he needed to give it up because it was too similar to smoking. Holy cow! I was blown away! It was a total answer to prayers! I know that God helped S realize that he didn't need the e-cig anymore!

Other than that, it wasn't all too eventful of a week! I wish there was more for me to talk to y'all about... We stopped by a lot of our leads' homes and got in to do lessons which was awesome! We even got in to teach a bunch of less-actives. Overall, Sister Manning and I had 18 lessons this week! That's pretty great! I've only hit our mission goals of 20 lessons a week twice and that's the highest I've ever had other than the 18. So I'm pretty proud of us!

Elder Zwick of the Seventy will be coming to speak to us this week! I'm way pumped! It's going to be such a cool meeting! He's basically going to be talking to us about PMG Chapter 4 which is something I've been trying to improve on in my teaching! I'll let you know how it goes next week!

Thanks for all your love and support! I appreciate all y'all do for me! Just keep on praying for me and write me some letters... That would be cool! Love y'all! Have a blessed week!

- Sister Amy Christensen

P.S. Happy birthday Josh!  (Sis. Christensen's nephew turned 3!)

So I clashed big time on this one rainy day - Blue umbrella, blue dress and a teal bag? I was not amused. Hahah.

This is Emily Linder. She's a cute little Beehive who made me and Sister Manning those rainbow loom bracelets or whatever they're called... I just know they were made popular after I came out here. We all posed with our bracelets she made us after dinner last night. She's such a cool girl.

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