Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 16 - Inman/Boiling Springs, SC - 10/28/13

Is this really Week 16? That's crazy. Is the time going by as fast for y'all as it is for me? I can barely even believe it!

This week has been such a busy week! I went to my first Sisters Conference this week! It was actually pretty good! We talked a lot about how we can be better disciples of Jesus Christ which was awesome! But then there are some sisters... Oh boy. We seriously spent 5 minutes talking about what kinds of nail polish are appropriate to wear. That was quite the experience! Hahah. But we did get a posterity picture taken while we were there (I'll send that later because the good picture is on Sister Gardner's memory card). It's a pretty sweet looking picture. And get this. I actually went to 110 Oak Park Dr., Ste. B (Mission Office) while we were in Irmo for the conference. That was pretty eventful if you ask me!

Want to know something awesome? We got back in touch with J and K! It's been a long time since we've seen them. I think that Sister Craig was a little pushy with them and they really did not want a whole lot to do with us for a while. Then we went back last Sunday and their daughter, N invited us to her birthday party on Saturday. We decided to go especially since we heard that K had thrown her back out. That meant that we got to do service! It was super fun and we loved being around them. I think that it was a really good way to mend our relationship with them because before J would end our visits with "Remember you're always welcomed in our home," which sounded like "You can come by and we won't complain but no teaching us." Then when we left the party, both J and K said to us "Come back to visit us soon!" So. . . yeah. I'm pretty sure that was successful.

Well other than that, we've been doing a lot of knocking. We've been trying so hard to get investigators but it has been hard on us. Poor Sister Gardner probably thinks that this is all we do as missionaries because we haven't been able to teach too many official lessons other than lessons on the door step. But we found this pretty legit lead the other day. Her name is C and she's very open minded to different religions. She also loves the fact that we're younger because she's only 25. She told us a few different times to come back which is unusual. Typically when we find leads, the people will say something like "Y'all come back now, ya hear?" which is basically them being too nice to say we're not interested. But she gave us a date and time to come back so we're going to be visiting her tonight. I'm pretty excited to see where things go with her.

Anyway, that's all I've got for you this week! I hope y'all have a blessed week!

- Sister Amy Christensen

My Mission genealogy!

Me at the Mission Office!

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