Thursday, October 10, 2013

Week 13 - Inman, SC - 10/7/13

This last week was incredible but extremely busy! I had two conferences to go to! The first one was a two day leadership conference in Irmo which was super awesome! I got a lot of really great ideas of how to become a better missionary and a great leader in the future. It was really cool because I got to meet a lot of new missionaries and see my old friends such as my MTC companion Sister Dent and Sister Smith from the MTC. I love those two girls so it was awesome to get to see them again. Also get this! In the conference, President Holm told us some pretty cool stuff! 1) As of this past transfer, there are more sister missionaries than English elders in the mission! That's kind of awesome considering that at the beginning of this year, they only had 20 sister missionaries! Now they have like 120ish! Crazy stuff! 2) An apostle is coming to my mission next month! Pres. Holm didn't tell us but I'm super pumped either way!

Then there was General Conference... HOLY COW! It was the best! I felt like so many of the talks applied to me so it was pretty awesome! We also got our investigator, D to come to the Saturday Afternoon session of Conference! (Apparently he did not move to North Carolina... We don't really know why but we're glad he's still in our area!) D really liked Conference! He told us at the end that he would be willing to sit through another 2 hours of it! He loves that they quoted the New Testament so much and he loved all of the speakers. I'm so glad that he was able to come and I really hope that those talks helped him understand the importance of a modern day prophet and apostles, which is one of his big concerns right now.

Well here we are! The last full week of the transfer! By the end of this week, Sister Craig and I will know who's being transferred and if we're training or not. I'll end this email with that and let the suspense build for the next week... I wish I had more to say but not a whole lot happened this week with 4 of the 7 days being taken up by conferences! Anyway, I hope y'all have a great week :)

- Sister Amy Christensen

Sister Smith, me and Sister Dent. I swear I'm not bald. My hair's just pulled back.

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