Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 39 - West Columbia, SC - 4/7/14

Greetings Family and Friends!

This week has been a crazy one. It seems like we've just been so busy with everything from transfers to ZTM (Zone Training Meeting) to Conference. Needless to say, this week has just flown on by!

I found out which sisters I'd be training with since there were only three sisters that came in this transfer. The crazy part about it is that the other two sisters came out with me last July - Sister Smith and Sister Stout. We were excited that we get to go through this experience together though.

Now for the news! I'm training Sister Tiffany Johnson! She is 19 and from Ogden, Utah. She's also 5 feet tall so I'm going to kind of feel like a giant for the next few months. She's been adjusting to the missionary life quite well and we just ended Week 1 of her training yesterday. This week has just flown by!

We've been staying busy teaching and weirdly enough, we've had all the bizarre lessons right when Sister Johnson came. Like we had a lesson in a McDonald’s on Thursday and some people almost started a fight right behind us... right as we were talking about baptism during the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson. Kind of crazy, right?

Well, Conference came and went. I loved it! It was amazing because I wrote down 5 questions that I had going in to Conference. Every question was answered! That's the first time that has happened for me! I know that the Lord was, and still is, mindful of me and of the questions I had. It definitely strengthened my testimony to know that these conferences truly are from the Lord.

I wanted to invite y'all to take Elder Ballard's invitation seriously and invite someone to learn more about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ once every quarter. I know that the members of the church looking for teaching opportunities is the way y'all can help hasten the work even if you're not full-time missionaries. I promise that you will have more peace in your life as you do this. As President Holm always says, "Peace is a gift from God for a job well done."

Lots of great things are happening this week! 1) As of today, I have been baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 13 years. 2) Cody goes on his mission to England London South on Wednesday! Cheerio mate! Good luck, brother! I'm excited to hear about your experiences in the mission field! 3) I will hit my halfway mark on Thursday! Time is going by swiftly and I know it's because I'm doing the Lord's work, His way.

I know that this period of time that both Cody and I have chosen to serve the Lord is the best thing that we can be doing. We have a very sacred calling as missionaries and I'm excited for Cody to join the missionary ranks! He's going to do great! I know how much I've changed for the better and I'm excited for him to experience the same thing.

I love y'all! Have a blessed week!

- Sister Amy Christensen

Me, T and Sister Manning
Check out all the pollen on my shoes. This is nasty stuff. You should see what my car looks like in the mornings when we go out to work.

Me and my new companion, Sister Johnson, earlier today!

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