Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 40 - West Columbia, SC - 4/14/14

My dear family and friends!

First off, I'm officially half way through my mission! Oh my goodness. I don't even know where this time is going. It's kind of freaking me out.

We had some great things happen this week! One, for example, was S finally accepted a baptismal date! He's going to be baptized on May 10th! He's been pushing back his baptismal date for so long so for us to finally get him on date was a success! When we were talking to him about his baptism, he said that he's excited to "become a part of God's family forever." He's pretty much golden.

As for T... well... she got dropped this last week. She was not willing to keep some of the commandments to be baptized which was kind of a shocker for us. It was definitely a heartbreaking lesson for us. But we'll see what happens with her in the future.

This past Thursday was Sisters Conference which was awesome! We learned a lot of new ways to work as missionaries and I got to see a lot of my old friends and companions! I was pumped to see the girls from my MTC district again! Apparently we're the only sisters’ district from the group we came out with that's still all here. I guess some other sisters have left for one reason or another. I also got my "posterity" picture with Sister Gardner (Who's been out for 6 months now! Man! I'm feeling old!) and with Sister Johnson. Pretty awesome!

This last Sunday was a good Sunday for us! The D’s, T P, K E (a less-active we've been working with) and S all came to church! Sister Johnson was so cute about it! She was grinning from ear to ear. I guess it was a good reminder for me that even though not everyone that we committed to come to church came... but we had a really good turn out and I should be grateful for that.

Now I have one commitment I'd like to leave with y'all. There's a video on Go watch it. As missionaries, we are committing everyone to watch it! It's a video about our Savior and how He is the Reason for the season. It's going to be a big video! YouTube will be having advertisements for it all week through Easter. Approximately 109 million people will see the ad for the video and will hopefully watch the video. But spread the word about it. Share it on your social media! Hashtag about it #BecauseOfHim. I know that sharing the gospel with people face to face may be intimidating but this is a way to hasten the work! So please do it! I'll follow up with y'all a week from today because just like Elder Ballard reminded us last week, an invitation is basically worthless without a follow up.

Well I love y'all! I'm excited for Easter this upcoming Sunday! It's a good time to remember the atoning sacrifice of our Savior! Have a blessed week!

- Sister Amy Christensen

Me and my posterity - Sis. Johnson and Sis. Gardner
My MTC District! Sisters Warden, Smith, McNeely, Schauerhamer, Christensen and Dent

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