Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 28 - West Columbia, SC - January 20, 2014

Wow. This week just flew on by! I really don't even know where the time went! It seemed like it was just P-Day a few days ago! I won't complain about time flying though because when the time's going by fast, you know that you're doing something right.

On Tuesday, we had our specialized training with President and Sister Holm! *Spoiler Alert* No iPads. At least President told us that they are coming but even he doesn't know when. Basically a General Authority is going to come to the mission and be like "Hey. Here are your iPads." Then there will be much rejoicing in South Carolina! The next time a General Authority will be coming our way is in March. So maybe the iPads will be a birthday present to me ;) It was a good meeting though. We just went over a bunch of policies and procedures and then we got out to work for the rest of the evening.

We've had a lot of really cool successes lately though. This week, we got a call from Bishop saying "Hey! I have a baptism for you!" This eight year old kid was interviewed by the Bishop for baptism and his non-member dad said "I'd like to get baptized."  He's actually been taught by the missionaries before but he wasn't ready to give up tea and smoking at the time. Now he is! I'm so excited to be teaching him! We're going to be going over the 15 Step program to stop smoking with him this week so I'll keep you updated on that!

So we've been teaching this lady, T for the last week and a half. She's one of the Elders' old investigators and she is so awesome! She has been taking the discussions for like two years I think. But guess what? She's getting baptized! She kicked out her boyfriend last Monday and we put her on date for the 8th of February. Then we found out that the building is going to be in use for some public relations seminar like all that weekend... So we bumped her up a week! She's ready to be baptized! We see her on a daily basis to make sure that she's staying strong because she has a lot of financial struggles that make her want to invite her ex-boyfriend back to live with her. We have to reassure her that everything will be alright without him though. It's been a roller coaster but we love working with her!

Something that's different about being in the city is we see a bunch of people all the time that recognize us as sister missionaries! That never happened in Boiling Springs. We went to the zoo today and we had like four people come up to us and say "Hi Sisters!" I thought they were from the ward but really they're just some friendly members! I love it!

Yesterday I was asked to talk for like 5 minutes on member missionary work... And guess who else just so happened to be speaking in our ward? President and Sister Holm. So was that intimidating? Absolutely. But I love them! I'm glad I had the opportunity to speak with them!

Well that's all I have for this week! I love y'all! Have a blessed week! Stay warm! I know I sure am as it's like 65 degrees here today! I'm loving it!

- Sister Amy Christensen

Sis. Christensen and Sis. Manning at Riverbanks Zoo

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