Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 62 - Latta, SC - 9/15/14

Good Morning Everyone :)

Well I hope y'all have a bowl of popcorn ready and are sitting down because this email is one for the books!

First off, this week started off kind of rough. Our appointments were falling through, no one was answering the door, nothing. On Wednesday, a quote from one of Cody's emails came to mind when I wanted to quit. "What are we doing to deserve miracles?" I figured that going back to the car wasn't going to help us so we kept working. Later that night, we had an appointment with a potential investigator, J. Previously we knocked into him, gave him a Book of Mormon and set up a return appointment. When we got there for the appointment, he had just pulled up in his yard. He said "Listen, I have good news and bad news. The good news is I'm alive! ... And I've read about half of that book! The bad news is I have to reschedule because I just got sunburnt at work and all I want to do is sleep. But what happened to the Lamanites?" My jaw dropped! It was a miracle nonetheless! Our hard work paid off! We rescheduled and went back. We had a 45 minute lesson and when we told him we had to go, he said "Wait... That's it? I only get 45 minutes?!" We have another appointment with him tomorrow and he said that he wants to finish the Book of Mormon by then. Total miracle.

Also here's a scary story for y'all! Sister Parker totally passed out. We were out knocking and I go to put a pass along card in the door of someone who didn't answer. Well I turn around and I see Sister Parker kneeling and leaning up against the house we were at then all the sudden, she passed out. It was so scary mostly because it took me back to 13 months ago when I passed out... I was freaking out and then all the sudden I had the thought to do what I would have wanted to be done when I passed out, so I got the car and we went home for a little bit for her to rest. Luckily she doesn't have as many "battle scars" as I do from passing out. She's totally fine now though and we've been joking about it for the past few days. I'm grateful that she's had a good attitude about it!

So get this, we just got another senior couple in the branch! So now we have not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 sets of missionaries here! I didn't even think about how big of a deal it was until we saw R and S last night and S was like "Why aren't people announcing that there are 8 missionaries in our branch? Do they not know how big of a deal it is?" It's pretty neat to think about!

I also finished The Book of Mormon for the 4th time on my mission. This time took me a bit longer to study because I was studying "Because of Him." I've been reading it since Easter so I'm glad to have finished it. It was cool to read because I found out how much is possible because of Jesus Christ. I know that He is the reason for everything and that because of Him, I have this wonderful gospel to share with South Carolina!

Now for the moment that we've all been waiting for. I hope everyone's sitting down for this! Transfer calls... Sister Parker and I are staying together for another transfer in Marion! That'll be 4 1/2 months together! Our minds were blown! We were expecting for one of us to leave! And if that's not enough, the elders in our branch aren't leaving either! We'll all be together for 3 transfers at least. Man. I still can't get over it. I'm happy though! I know that Sister Parker and I have some great things to accomplish this transfer! We're just going to work hard so we can see all the miracles that God has in store for us!

Well that's enough mind blowing news for this week! I love y'all! Write me a letter or something! Have a blessed week :)

- Sister Amy Christensen

Check out my new planner! It's pretty great! (on the left is a photo of Sister & Elder Christensen's missionary plaques hanging side by side at our church)

Me and Sister Parker after the Stake Relief Society activity about the 10 Virgins

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