Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 46 - West Columbia, SC - 5/27/14

Family and Friends!

It's Tuesday! And I'll tell you one thing - I'm Feeling Good About Myself! Also this is going to be a quick email because we have a lesson in like 20 minutes... But on we go!

We had the No More Strangers Devotional on Tuesday and it went well! K (10 year old recent convert) prayed at it and it was the cutest thing ever! Everyone loved it! We only had D's, Sister C (a less-active) and S (recent convert) come to it this time but I'm happy we had some sort of turn out. The past few devotionals, we haven't had any investigators, less-actives or recent converts there. So not too shabby.

Remember our good friend, W who was supposed to be baptized this week? Well he's still doing well! He just had some health problems this last week and wasn't able to make it to our appointments or to church so we have to push his baptism back another few weeks. But hopefully there will be a baptism in the future before this transfer ends.

Also I had an... interesting meal this last week - Kidney beans and gizzards. Bleh. It was not too tasty. But we accepted the meal anyway... Gizzards are definitely right up there with liver mush with the strangest things I've eaten as a missionary.

We had quite the surprise on Sunday! S has missed a few of our appointments lately just from crazy family problems that have come up. We basically haven't met with him since he's been baptized. Well we go to church on Sunday and we hear the Bishop ask S to stand. We sustained him to be ordained to the office of a priest! Wut. Our next lesson with S was going to be about getting the priesthood! Guess we can bag that lesson now! Hahah. It was a pleasant surprise that's for sure!

Later on Sunday night, we went to another less-active's house, Sister S and we've been working with her on getting to the temple. Her only problem is she smokes. She wants to go back so bad so we had a lesson about it. Out of nowhere, the Senior Sisters came over and were helping us teach! It went well! Finally one of the Senior Sisters said "So when do you want to give us your cigarettes?" Sister S handed them over after that! It was awesome! So we had two packs and two lighters. That's always awkward to be carrying around as a missionary but there's also no better feeling than to take those away.

Well that's all for this week! I'm sorry for the short and abbreviated email... I promise it will be better next week! I hope y'all take care and have a blessed week! Love you!

- Sister Amy Christensen

Sister Johnson and I with Tanya Park! She's one of our favorite people to work with.

Not sure what to do with these...

I just like this meme :)

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