Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 45 - West Columbia, SC - 5/19/14

Hello family and friends!

It was another good week but not a whole lot of eventful things happened. I'll just give you the low down of what's going on in West Cola.

Well first off, S is probably the coolest recent convert in the history. He's only been baptized and confirmed for a week now, right? On Saturday, we asked him if he'd be willing to pray for the No More Strangers Devotional coming up and he was totally fine with that. He said "I guess I'll have to get used to doing this stuff at some point in time!" And then the Elders wanted to know if he would be willing to go out to lessons with them. He thought that would be great! He's just absorbing everything so well! I'm really impressed with him and I know that the Lord has been helping him throughout his conversion process!

Next! Two weeks ago, Sister Johnson found this guy, W while we were on exchanges and they put him on date. Well he's super excited to be baptized and he's telling everyone! He came to church yesterday so he's still on date for May 31st! We just have to teach him just about everything this week so he can be interviewed on Saturday! We'll see how that goes!

Finally, T is pretty much the perfect member missionary. Remember her Hispanic neighbors she invited to learn more about the church? Yeah. They got baptized and confirmed this past weekend! Not only that but we got these texts from her yesterday saying "My sister wants to learn more about the church. Call me ASAP." Long story short, her sister (who is in our area) wants to start going to church and is willing to give our church a chance! We are super excited for this opportunity that she has provided us with! My recent converts here in West Columbia are just fantastic!

We have the No More Strangers Devotional tomorrow! President Holm is coming to just share more about what we believe with less-actives, recent converts, active members and non-members. It's always a really great meeting! Plus we have recent converts participating in this meeting by praying! This is the first No More Strangers that I've even had recent converts to come to! I'm very excited for it!

I love y'all! I hope y'all are looking for missionary opportunities to help the missionaries out! I'll talk to y'all next Tuesday since Monday's Memorial Day! Have a blessed week!

- Sister Amy Christensen

Sister Johnson's first flash flood!

Sometimes when we're outside teaching, kids will pick us leaves and flowers and give it to us. We think it's pretty neat!

We saw this picture of hands touching the Liberty Bell at a gas station. I couldn't help but take a picture with it doing the same thing. I know. I'm a cool kid.

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