Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 48 - West Columbia, SC - 6/9/14

Hello Family and Friends!

This week has gone by so fast! It's amazing! Especially since we had kind of a chaotic P-Day last week, I didn't think it would go by as fast as it did. But hey! I'm not complaining!

W is doing well! He's gone an entire week without drinking any beer and now we're going to be working with some of his other Word of Wisdom problems. W is really pretty solid! He chose to come to church yesterday over his daughter's wedding. Who does that? W does, that's who! But we're happy he sees the importance of attending church. One of our ward missionaries has totally taken W under his wing which has been really nice! Our ward missionary has introduced him to several converts in our ward and looking out for him in priesthood meeting when we can't be there. W's definitely going to be baptized one day!

On Saturday, we were asked to go help out for a senior prom... at an Assisted Living Home. So it was literally a "senior" prom. It was awesome! The people in charge specifically asked for sister missionaries from our church to go help with hair, make-up, etc. Since Sister Johnson was a CNA and she's good with hair and make-up (I can barely do my own), she helped the seniors get ready mainly. I just talked to them about their lives since I know I'm good at talking. It was a lot of fun. We couldn't take any pictures with them for privacy reasons... But we took a selfie outside of the Assisted Living Home for the sake of memories.

Something Sister Johnson and I have been working on is teaching when we find. I realized that we would find people at home and since we weren't expecting to see them, we'd be like "So when can we come back to visit y'all." That really bothered me. So on Saturday and Sunday, I made it a goal to teach these people even if it was on the door step. And that we did. We got three lessons that way and we got six new investigators! I gained a new testimony of how teaching when you find is very important!

In my personal studies this week, I read about Abinadi in Mosiah 11 - 17. I had some new insight that I don't think I've ever really had before. Abinadi died preaching the gospel, yet he didn't live to see one person converted from his efforts. That has been very humbling for me. Lately we've been in a finding stage. We're looking for new people to teach but we can't seem to find anyone super solid. Instead of being discouraged, I just need to keep going. The Lord will make sure that my efforts are not wasted just like Abinadi. We know that Alma was converted because of Abinadi's efforts and he converted thousands! So even if we plant that seed of testimony, that seed will grow into something great! I hope that made sense...

Anyway, that's all for this week! I love y'all! Have a blessed week!

- Sister Amy Christensen

Q: Why don't we use candles in our church services?
A: Because they are wick-ed... And they "wax" strong in their wick-edness.

The hottest day since I've been in South Carolina! I'm bracing myself for the rest of this summer!

Only in the South would you see this sign.

Sister Johnson and I after the "Senior" Prom.

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