Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 31 - West Columbia, SC - 2/10/14

Good morning family! It has been a pretty warm week this week and can I just tell you that I've been loving it! It makes me a little nervous for the Summer though if the weather has been in like the 50s - 60s in February... This will be interesting.
Well this week we had "The Big Lift!" I don't know if you remember but I went on a Big Lift exchange like my second or third week in the field. The Big Lift is just a giant exchange to get everyone pumped up about missionary work! It's cool because you see a lot of miracles when you're on an exchange! I don't know why... But you do. This week I had a crazy cool contact! So we were in the bathroom at Bojangles when these two ladies came in. I was out in the main part of the bathroom and one lady looked at my name tag and saw it said Jesus Christ on it. She asked which church I went to and I told her the name of our church and where it was located at. She then replied "Oh! Is that the same church that Gladys Knight goes to?" I told her it was and she said "If she's a part of that church, it must be good! I've been looking for a church and I'm going to check it out!" Unfortunately they aren't in our area... They aren't even in our ward boundaries... But it was still awesome! She's going to get baptized!
Sister Manning and I have been on so many exchanges this transfer! We've been on four exchanges. Usually a regular companionship only has like one per transfer. We're clearly not your typical companionship. Right after The Big Lift, we went straight into another exchange. Yeah. It was intense. It was with one of the Traveling Sisters so she could work her area too. So this transfer has basically been the exchange that never ends.
Unfortunately we didn't have any investigators at church again yesterday. T didn't show up again either... Last week her dad's health was failing and yesterday she had to take her son to the doctor because he had food poisoning. We talked to her last night and she's still on board to be confirmed. We're praying that she'll be confirmed this week! 
On the bright side, we did have three less-actives at church yesterday! That's pretty good! Sister C was one of them and she brought her friend's 17 year old son with her. He has never been to a church before so that was his first experience. He was a little lost... But he's willing to go back to church again! He even committed to go to mutual this week! Pretty cool, right? We're going to meet with him again next week after church at Sister C's house! I'm excited to be working with him!
That's all for this week! Just to let you know, I may or may not be emailing you next Monday since it's President's Day. But who knows! Transfers are next Wednesday and if either Sister Manning or I are called to be trainers, we will have meetings all on Tuesday so we'd have to use a member's computer on Monday. We'll see what happens! I love y'all! I'll talk to you next week :)
- Sister Amy Christensen
Sister Manning, Sister Belyea and I after the Big Lift!
Our jam packed day! A lot of the appointments didn't follow through... But still! I can't believe we had that many appointments!

So I found these Sully masks at Walmart...

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