Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 21 - Inman/Boiling Springs, SC - 12/2/13

Ok. Is it seriously December? It does not feel like it AT ALL! It's 66 degrees outside right now and it's throwing me off big time! This is not the December that I'm used to! It did snow on Wednesday though for like 3 hours though! It snowed enough to cover the grass and then it melted within the next hour. So that was exciting for like 2 seconds.

This week has been pretty good as well! Sister Gardner and I have been working very hard with our new investigators we got last week! We've seen them both three times this past week and guess what? Seven of the nine investigators are on baptismal date. Oh yeah! That's right! C and her family are going to be baptized on December 14th and three of the M grand kids will be baptized on December 21st! This is pretty exciting! I mean I've put people on date before but those people didn't have the same fire that these people have. They're all so excited to be baptized! Heck I'm excited for them! It's going to be a "White December!" We're going to have a bunch of baptisms this month. It'll be a good month for the Boiling Springs ward!

Thanksgiving was a pretty good day! I mean nothing can beat Mom's cooking... But I certainly can't complain! We went over to four members' houses and it was a ton of fun! Southern Thanksgivings aren't as weird as I thought they'd be. I mean one place we had stuffing that was more like corn bread with celery and onions in it and rice instead of mashed potatoes. But that was basically it. Nothing too exciting to report on when it comes to food. We went over to the K's house and hung out there for a little while. C and her family where there as well so it was fun to be with them for Thanksgiving! Also get this. I totally played Mexican Train with the K! It's been so long since I've played that game. It was awesome and I, of course, dominated!

The only reason it sort of feels like December to me is because we helped a less-active put up Christmas decorations and wrap presents for her family this week. That's really it. It was a great opportunity to help serve her though! Hooray for service!

Other than that we haven't had too many eventful things happen. It's been a busy week but not a lot to report on. Well later today, we're going to go make a music video at a member's house with our district for our big Christmas Zone Conference. I guess that each district gets to put on a skit for the Zones attending. It should be pretty fun! But that's really all that's going on... I know that this month is going to be a good one! I can just feel it! I love y'all! Have a blessed week!

- Sister Amy Christensen

Our goodbye picture with Elder Tonga and the A family.

Off to do service and representing Snow College!

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