Friday, August 23, 2013

Week 6 - Inman, SC - 8/19/13

Well I'm already a month and a half into my mission! Crazy how fast that went by, right? Anyway, not a lot went on this week because my poor companion, Sister Craig has basically had a constant headache for like the last week and a half... We called the mission doctor about it and he was like "Oh just take the next 3 1/2 days off!" Are you kidding me? But I was willing to do it if it would help my companion get feeling better, you know? So from Wednesday night to going to church yesterday, we were just chilling in the house. It was kind of the worst. Luckily we got some church movies to watch like "Finding Faith In Christ" and "The Mountain of the Lord" so the weekend wasn't totally boring. But it was still pretty bad.

Something that I've noticed this week is that God knows exactly what I need to work on. I was given the assignment to do a training at our district meeting on the importance of members in missionary work, which I'm not very good at doing, and Sister Craig and I were asked to do a last minute lesson on charity in the Gospel Essentials class, which is the Christlike attribute I want to develop while I'm on my mission. It was interesting for me to teach those two topics because I feel like I learn so much more when I teach! So that was cool...

Ready for my crazy story? So this kid in the Boiling Springs ward wanted to know what mine and Sister Craig's first names were. We didn't tell him because we didn't feel obligated. So what's his natural reaction? To look up my name and mission in Google so he "stumbles" across my blog. He came up to Sister Craig and I in church yesterday and he was like "Amy... Sarah..." It was crazy. Don't worry though! It's not creepy because we're actually pretty good friends with him.

Lastly, Sister Craig and I went to dinner at the W's (members in my ward) house last night and they live on this legitimate farm! They even had donkeys there! They understood that we're both from the city and let us pet and take a picture with one of their donkeys! It was the greatest!

Well I hope y'all have a great week! Until next week...

- Sister Amy Christensen

So here's a picture of us with a donkey! Boom.

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