Thursday, June 6, 2013

The (Mission) Bucket List

I've been thinking a lot lately (shocking, I know) about things I want to do prior to going on a mission... So I figured I'd post my mission bucket list on the blog along with pictures of the things I've done. Why? Because I can. I know I might not get around to doing all of these things, but I can sure try! I need to make the last 34 days I have here at home eventful!

  • Go to the Festival of Colors at the Sri Sri Hadna Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork [Check]

This is what the after math of Color Fest looks like.

  • Go mini golfing [Check]
My brothers went mini golfing with me and it was

Thumbs up for mini golf!
  • Go to a concert [Check]

Imagine Dragons with my best friend, Gina...

And Barenaked Ladies with my brother, Aaron!

  • Go swimming or somewhere with water slides [Check]
Swimming at the Provo Rec Center with Cody!
(Not Pictured: Everyone else)
  • See the Manti Miracle Pageant [Check]
Manti Pageant with my favorite people!
  • Go through the neighboring temples in my area (Jordan River, Draper, Salt Lake, and Oquirrh Mountain) [Check]
With my brothers and sisters-in-law after I went
through the Jordan River Temple.

My parents and I after I took out my endowment.

My temple - the Draper Temple!

Aaron and I made it to the Salt Lake Temple!

I finally made it to the Oquirrh 
Mountain Temple!

  • See Monsters University and Despicable Me 2 [Check]
Out of my way kids! I've been waiting 10 
years to see this movie! It was so good!

Cody and I with our favorite minion, Phil after
we saw Despicable Me 2!
  • Go four wheeling [Semi-Check]
I couldn't go four wheeling so I did the next best
thing - ride Aaron's scooter! Thanks brother!
  • See a baseball game [Check]
The Salt Lake Bees beat the Tacoma Rainiers 5-0!
  • Go stargazing [Check]

There's nothing like stargazing in a small town
with your best friends! Also I saw 3 shooting stars
that night! Score!
  • Get a Kong Kone from Macey's [Check]
You see why getting that cone was on my
bucket list now?
  • Give away a Book of Mormon [Check]
Not the best picture of me... But here's
a picture of me and the Book of Mormon
that I gave away!

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