Sunday, April 28, 2013

We Choose Faith Over Fear

Fun fact for you guys! As of yesterday, I've had my call for a month and I only have 2 1/2 months left until I'm in the MTC! This is so crazy! Seriously. Time has just flown by! I can't complain about that though! I'd much rather that time went by fast rather than slow. On the other hand, it kind of sucks when time goes by fast. Example: I should be excited that this semester went by in the blink of an eye but I feel like I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I should have. It's still a little surreal to me that this is my last week in good ol' Ephraim.

Love this campus!

I went to my student ward for the last time today and my bishop got up in sacrament meeting to address us for the last time. His parting words hit me pretty hard. "We choose faith over fear. Don't forget that." I think part of the reason he said that is because a good majority of my ward is heading out on missions. I mean I found out that of the two Young Single Adult stakes here, my ward is leading in the amount of sister missionaries leaving with 50+ girls heading out. Pretty incredible for a junior college, if you ask me!

Let me tell you why this statement that my bishop said was so important to me. Going on a mission was never in my plans. Last summer, I received an impression that I should go on a mission but even then I still had two and a half years to prepare to go on a mission. When the mission age was changed, I definitely took that as a sign that I needed to go serve the Lord.

I received my mission papers and planned on turning them in about two months later. The time came for me to submit my papers and I started to receive some serious doubts of going on a mission. I decided that it just  wasn't for me at that point. I thought that maybe I had been caught up in the hype of the missionary age change. I felt uneasy and I wasn't too happy with my decision. I prayed and fasted about the decision and finally I figured that I needed to go forward with faith and serve a mission (obviously).

Choosing faith over fear doesn't always have to do with a mission though. I believe this saying applies to any prompting the Lord gives us! I understand that it's hard to follow some promptings we receive. It may not be seen as the "cool" or "politically" correct thing to do but God knows what He's doing. If we trust in His plan and follow where He leads us, we will be blessed for it in the long run.

On a completely unrelated note... Check out my personalized
missionary map I had made for me! Pretty nifty, eh?

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  1. I just realized that you will be back in time for Star Wars. But on a much more related note, you are so awesome! I am proud of you, Sister!!